Friday, January 4, 2013

Five things for Friday - January Crafts and Inspiration

Here's what's up:

1. I'm going to make some paper tassels today with all the tissue paper I have sitting around in the craft closet. Will try to wrangle Arabella into helping me but she'll most likely have her own plan involving very small pieces of tissue paper.
Tutorial from
If I don't have any photos of the finished project posted by Monday, please harangue me about it. I am serious about no crafting procrastination in 2013!!! 


This is my extra-credit project (meaning if I have paper and/or time left over and I'm feeling it I may make these)

3. No, I am not making this - I just love it and am really inspired by it for a potential blog look for the future. This is by Eric Marinovich, a super awesome designer in San Francisco. I may need to save my pennies for him to make me a blog header someday (although right now I'm too afraid to even inquire how many pennies something like that would cost)

4. Found this on Pinterest, thought it was beautiful and inspirational: 

5. Saw this pic on Pinterest (came from someone's Tumblr which wasn't the original source, so I don't have a credit for it but please let me know if you know who's it is.

Anyway, I would gladly take this room as a studio apartment and conduct all life/work duties from the bathtub. (But I'd probably paint some of the wood in rainbow colors)

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