Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Preschool Report


September 5, 2012 - Taken on front porch just before first day of Preschool!!!

The first day of preschool kicked my ass - and I'm loving it. I came home from Arabella's first day of school today, drank 3 huge glasses of ice water, and we both crashed for a 3 hour nap.  

Keith and I were just there to hang out today since it was Arabella's first day but were asked to help out at the woodworking table. I'm very happy to report that no one lost limb, life or digit on my watch. 

On her first day, in the 2.5 hours allotted Arabella managed to:
make two paintings / tell a story to her teacher that was read by her other teacher at gathering time / dance to stories at gathering time / dress up as a princess and a witch / go barefoot the whole time except for the 20 minutes or so she had another girl's flip flops on / ride the teeter totter / climb repeatedly through the rope loft / ride a tricycle / shovel dirt / go on the outdoor swings plus ride the indoor standing swing with 3 other girls while singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Arabella"/ pour her own water for snack time / play with dolls in the play loft / use a saw and vise / attempt to ride the zip line / see a lizard egg that her Teacher found in the sand / view a dragonfly, bee and log under a magnifying glass.

I'm sure there's more but Arabella isn't awake right now to remind me what I forgot.

Tomorrow Arabella plans to:

-Bring her backpack! Arabella was appalled that we forgot to bring her Dora backpack when she saw the other backpacks lined up at the entry.

-Spot a fish in the pond - she looked and looked but could not see the fish on the first day. It has come up repeatedly in conversation this evening that she could not see the fish! 

-Help mom at art table (I am officially on duty tomorrow as a working parent - I told Arabella that she should still play whatever she wants just like today, but she insists she will be helping me at art table tomorrow)

I'm so glad we are at a parent participation preschool -this is so much more fun than just dropping her off and it's so awesome to meet other parents with a similar perspective!  

(Sorry I don't have any photos during preschool - Arabella's preschool has a rule that parents don't take photos there as it can be intrusive and distracting to the kids - which I totally get and support but it's kind of a bummer when it comes to blogging photos!) 

Not a preschool photo - just one from the archives of Arabella playing at a park to dress up this post!

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