Saturday, September 1, 2012

Arabella's Kitty, Frog and Ice Cream Story

The frog goes into the air balloon and goes into the car and I hold him in my hands. Him be nice. Him be friends with me. Him be big kid frog. He won't be so big, him be's a kid. The frog wants. Kitten, wants to pet him. The kitty cat. Him said "hello kitty". Kitty said "hello frog". 

Them wanted ice cream. Two ice creams. Says one at a time. Yeah. Them get some pink ice cream. Both want a pink ice cream. Them said mother, mother, us got ice cream. Them -the frog be a girl and kitty be a girl too. They like ice cream. Them love love ice cream. Like this (Arabella made licking motions with her tongue). Like a kitty. I got vanilla ice cream. It's white and I liked it. It shaped like a bowl. It's just a square. Eats and eats and eats and eats and eats. 
Kitten wants a bowl of bones.  And Arabella eats apples and froggy eats green fish.  Meow, meow, says kitty and frog says ribbit and I said "them be number five." Their moms five years old too. Them five old years. Them big kids like me. 


  1. Hi Arabella. Grandma Susan Loves your story. You love ice cream and popsicles too that you have all of the time at grandma's house. I just bought a new box of popsicles today for you. I love all of the animals in your story. Especially the kittens because I know you like them so much. Meow, Meow, Meow. I will be glad when I see my big girl, Arabella, Princess of the Enchanted Forrest soon. I am blowing you a kiss, giving you a big hug and getting ready for your next visit. I love you, Grandma Susan

  2. I love it! Gretchen, the adorability level of these posts makes me think they may inspire a large number of new babies being born in Roseville (and in any other areas where your readers reside). That's my prediction.

  3. Thanks Bianca! She has a expansive imagination! Arabella is working on a story just for Shay for his birthday - she wanted to bake a cake but I wasn't sure how that would work on first day of school so we agreed that a story would be cool. So if there's any characters/animals/people Shay wants in his story, let us know and I'm sure Arabella will find a way to work them in!