Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Polyvore - What I would wear to AltSummit

I was inspired by a post on AltSummit's blog today about the perfect dress for a blogger meet-up or meeting sponsors.

AltSummit is "the premier business conference for pioneering bloggers and rookie bloggers alike." There's one in January in Salt Lake City and one in August in NYC (those lucky bloggers got a surprise visit from Martha Stewart!) But that doesn't begin to describe how cool it is so here's some pictures:

By Sara Urquhart. Photography of Alt NYC, Rooftop party.

 Tickets are sold out already for the next AltSummit in January 2013, but someday I am going to AltSummit. 

For now, I'm going to make a "What I would wear to AltSummit" Polyvore dream board at least once a week. Here's the first one. 

What I would wear to AltSummit - Oct. 2nd 2012

Lace formal dress / Ribbed tight / Platform high heels / Satchel bag / Jewelry

Ok, I'm ready for you to go all Joan Rivers on me -  especially you Anonymous Mary!  I think it's a cute colorful mixed match to get noticed but it's definitely not neutral. Let me know what you think in the comments (as always). 

REVISION: I just found the most adorable dress ever on Nordstrom for Arabella, plus I noticed that there were some kids in the Alt Summit photos. So forget that purse - Arabella in this adorable yellow dress is my new accessory.  The blog is about her after all. (I was able to update my Polyvore on the Polyvore site with this dress in place of the purse but not on the blog - don't know why)

The cutest Arabella dress I ever saw - from Nordstrom.

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