Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What's on my mind today - Random musings

Dinosaur Train - does anyone else (or anyone else's kids) watch this PBS kids show?

This is probably the most controversial opinion I've ever blogged, but I'm saying it:

I can't stand Dinosaur Train


The thought behind this show's creation must have been: "What are two things that kids like? Dinosaurs and trains! They never coexisted in history, but so what?" and they just randomly threw them together.  Almost as ridiculous as a group of adorable little ponies frolicking in a wedding castle - because little girls like ponies, weddings AND castles. 

Yes, I know that almost all kids' shows are misleading (animals don't actually talk, etc.) but this one just seems particularly egregious.  I think what irritates me most is that it mixes in a real paleontologist giving dinosaur facts with the ridiculous mixing of the dinosaurs from different time periods (that in reality would be eating each other or at least acting aggressively), plus the dinosaurs building and running a train.  

The thing that drove me over the edge to post about this (aside from needing to write a new blog post and being out of ideas) was that today the dinosaurs were examining a chart of the alphabet - that was just a bridge too far for this mom.  

p.s. My daughter (and husband) love this show - I do think that Buddy (the main character - you know, the baby T Rex that was adopted by a Pteranodon family) is adorable, and the theme song is catchy in a earworm, can't stop thinking about it sort of way.  But I reserve the right to whine to my husband about all the ridiculousness everytime we watch it.  

Does Dinosaur Train drive you crazy too, or do you love it, or have you never heard of it? Or is there another show that your kids love that drives you up a wall? 

Let me know in the comments!  


  1. I feel the same way. Your description of it totally cracked me up. Thankfully, my girls aren't really into this show. It just doesn't keep their attention. Now the new show, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is what my girls think the world revolves around. And I have to say, I love the show too. They also really like Caillou. Now that whiny little 4 year old makes me crazy. I can't stand hearing his voice and his mom is just so um....Miss Perfect and never gets frustrated. But... the girls love it and it buys me 20 minutes of peace and quiet when I am desperate, so I let them watch it!

  2. I haven't had a chance to see Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood but Keith has watched it with Arabella and since he told me it's based on Mr. Rogers neighborhood I really want to see it - I loved him as a kid, and now that I'm a mom and know what a advocate he was for kids I love him even more.

    Oh yeah Caillou - thank god that phase is over! I know - the parents really frustrated me too (they just DON'T. GET. IRRITATED. EVER.), and the whiny voice.