Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Arabella's Bedtime Story

Here's a lovely bedtime story shared by Arabella. I have typed it as faithfully as possible:

Start. Green monster on the cup him trapped. I goes in couch and me trapped it in blankie and he goes away. Daddy put him away. K, put him in the laundry. Him go "Owww" in there and get water. Gets out and Daddy saves him, gets him sick in there. Monster doesn't feel good. You hold remote and Dad took it. Him hold it him talk. Oh yeah him talk to Daddy and says "Oh, me very nice" Him talked to me (Arabella) and monster hold him in my hand and he talk to me and I hold him in my hand. Me Arabella can't walk very good  (the monster) because he got sick. Him go to the doctor cause him got sick in his mouth cause his princess talk to him she say "oh me very nice too". Girl talked to him not very sick anymore. Girl named Belle That's the end of this story. 

(Apparently this was inspired by Beauty and the Beast)

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