Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What Arabella did for Father's Day

 First ManiPedi on Father's Day

Last week Abby painted Arabella's nails pink and Arabella told me that I wanted to get my nails painted too and so would Daddy - she is very fond of telling me and Keith what we want to do.  If I correct her and say Arabella wants Mommy and Daddy to get their nails painted, she is insistent that WE are the ones that want to do this, not her.  Maybe she will be a marketer.  Anyway, her remarks helped jumpstart my brain about what we could do for Father's Day since I had zero time during the week to shop or get crafty. Keith gets really cracked heels and loves getting pedicures - if you leave off the nail polish, it's just as manly to do as getting a massage or going to the barber shop. Plus I could selfishly get my own toes done at the same time. 

So we went to Noodles & Company first to get lunch - Keith's favorite place to eat at the Fountains. I've never really been in love with any of their dishes so I usually whine and get Keith to go to Boudin or The Counter (RIP) instead, but this was Father's Day.  I don't know if it's new on the menu or I just never noticed it before but I ordered the Japanese Udon noodles with steak and it was delicious (forgot to take a picture - sorry).  I think I will just keep whining though when Keith suggests Noodles & Company so he feels like he got his way.

Our favorite place for pedicures is Joli Nail Salon at The Fountains. Even when they are very busy, we've never had a wait for walk-in pedicures, there's never a nail polish smell, and the massage chairs/jetted foottubs are great. We had to pass Me Gusta! Kids to get there since it's right next door and Arabella recognizes it immediately, so I let her get a bottle of nail polish there from their non-toxic Piggy Paint nail polish for kids- her final selection was Dragon Tear's green. 
I asked Arabella to show me her nails so I could get a picture -
so she balled up her hands and wiggled her arms instead. 

Arabella was pretty excited to be there getting her fingers and toes painted with mom and dad. When the manicurist was putting the clear base coat on first, she kept saying "Arabella wants green" in a little voice over and over until I heard her and explained that the clear coat goes on first and she would definitely get green. 

Arabella's pedicure in process.

Gross! What is that? (Keith and I got the paraffin wax treatment and Arabella wanted to take this gross picture of Keith's feet in the wax bag.)
Left Foot
Right foot
Checking out her hands while her feet are getting done.

I'm glad I got these photos here since we headed to Great-Grandma's for BBQ and swimming after this. Non-toxic Piggy Paint dries kind of like a decal sticker in one piece and the nail polish on most of her nails slid off in the pool (but the white flower and the sparkly center is still there)

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