Friday, July 20, 2012

We had WHAT for Breakfast!?! - A Crowdsourced Story

Once in the morning, there were three kids named Arabella, Kristena, and Paul. The kids were waiting for a shipment of donuts to arrive. Before the shipment arrived, something terrible happened. Keith got the wrong donuts! In the box instead of donuts, there was a frog. The frog jumped out and went in the goose's mouth. The goose ate him. Him rolled and rolled inside the goose and then him jump, jump, jumped! Then the goose flew out the window the way it came in. Then Arabella ran out the door and tried to catch the goose. She flied, flied, flied up in the air to catch the goose! She caught it and held it in her hand. Arabella reached in the goose's mouth and got him (the frog) out! Frog said "I want to go this way!" Arabella walked with him in her hand and walked over there (the way the frog wanted to go). 

 Continuation of this story was interrupted by the arrival of the shipment of donuts as scheduled.

Thanks to Kristena, Paul and Arabella for the story, and thanks to Keith for being a reliable donut shipper.


  1. I think you all could publish this story in a book! It's a great story!!! My favorite part was the super cute interruption. :)

  2. Hi Arabella, Kristena and Paul, I loved reading the cool story about your morning that all of you wrote! I was so surprised when that frog jumped out of the donut box! It is a good thing Arabella could rescue it and let it go where it wanted to. Probably the woods where his home is. I never knew that a goose likes to eat frogs. It must have been a very fun feeling for Arabella to fly all over looking for that goose who had ate the frog. I'm glad Arabella is getting to be such a big girl that she was strong enough to hold that goose with one hand! Good Job!! Kristena and Paul were doing everything they could to save the frog as well. Arabella is lucky to have two nice friends to help her. I am glad you finally got the right donuts! Thanks for writing a great story and I can't wait to read the next one! Love, Grandma Susan

  3. Gretchen says thanks for the awesome feedback - Kristena, Paul and Arabella are stoked and already working on their newest collaboration.

    Kristena says "Thanks for commenting about the story including the picture."

    Paul says "Thanks for reading the story we wrote."

    Arabella says "Us be superheroes!"