Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Adventure! With dragons and dinosaurs!

Once upon a time, Kristena ate an apple. But it wasn't just an ordinary apple. The next day, something WEIRD happened.  She turned into a frog!  Then she turned into a dragon. But Kristena wasn't the only one that ate the apple: Arabella and Paul did too. Arabella turned into a princess and Paul turned into a fox!  

The dragon, fox and princess flew on the dragon's back to gymnastics class. They all did "apart, together".  After that, they all went on the zipline until the owner of the zipline kicked them off.


So instead of going on the zipline, they went to the dinosaur museum and there was a real life triceratops dinosaur there.  

It said "Rawr" and I (Arabella the princess) scared the dinosaur away by flying by herself. Then Paul the fox and Kristena the dragon saved Arabella the princess.  
Arabella riding the Dragon (Kristena) away from the dinosaur

Then Arabella flew by herself and ate another apple that turned her back into regular Arabella and then a princess again. And then she flew away with Diego! Kristena ate Paul the fox and then sneezed him back out her nose. Kristena said she was sorry.

To be continued....

So...What do you think will happen next? Leave a comment and maybe the authors will be inspired to write you in to the end of the story!

p.s. While Kristena and Paul were still here on Friday, we baked zucchini bread together, and took tons of photos for our first cooking blog post. But I still need to organize and sort those photos so it may be up to a week before I can post it but here's one sneak peek photo (cored zucchini doubles nicely as an eyepiece)



  1. Hi Arabella. I am so glad you are having so much with mom and dad. The zipline looks exciting and so does bouncing on the trampoline. The video and pictures are great especially that Arabella got to ride a dragon on the merry-go-round. I can't wait for the next story. How about a story of how you helped a person using a cane or wheelchair by opening the door for them. Did you help pick up something someone has dropped and hand it back to them? Help someone do their dishes. help someone put their toys away?. Everyday Always say please, thank you and your welcome?. And did you hug or hold someone's hand who is scared and sad. Lastly, I hope you can say I love you to your mom and dad and pets. I know all of you guys are good helpers nice kids so I hope I see a story about this one day. Good Job!!

    Love Grandma Susan

  2. Hi Arabella, Your daddy said you were riding the carousel last night when I called him. But I didn't know you were riding such a beautiful dragon. I'm so glad you were able to save Kristena. I hope you all had a great time together.
    You're getting better and better on that zip-line. It really looks like fun.
    Grandpa Wes and I will see you next week.

    Love, Nana

  3. Hi there Gretchen. This is Sandy from The Olive and Rose. I am so glad you found me. There are so many things I can share with you about the closing of the store, the business, the paper, the neighborhood!!! AHHHH!!! So many years to catch up. Email me and we can catch up....theoliveandrose@gmail.com. Would love to see how things are going in the Roseville, how you settled (a baby now?!!), a blog?!! How awesome... I still antique and have the street faire - you prob see from the blog about that stuff. Still living here and loving Roseville life. Cant wait to hear from you....Best, Sandy Bryan

    1. Hi Sandy!

      Sorry it took me so long to reply - anyway, I will be hauling my slacker self along with my husband to the Los Cerritos Neighborhood Association meeting tomorrow so I assume we will see you there. (I see from the lovely newsletter that you are our "Neighbor at Large" - cool title, authoritative with a slightly mysterious tone to it.)