Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How to post a video so that people on Ipads and Iphones can see it too! (Or, YouTube is a video laundering service)

Almost a week later, thanks to Arianna Birondo I have figured out why the video review I posted of Arabella didn't show up on my Ipad or on other people's Iphones!  I shot the video on my Ipad but uploaded it using Blogger's "Insert a Video" feature and added my file from Dropbox. This was WRONG, WRONG, WRONG - so Ipad and Ipod don't support Flash/Java and won't play the video if you add the video directly from your computer. BUT if you first upload your movie to YouTube (you can do it on a private channel too if you don't want people searching for and viewing it via YouTube FYI) and then upload the file from "My YouTube Videos" option in the "Insert a Video" button on Blogger, YouTube "launders" your movie file washing the coffee out (Java) into a clean one that can be viewed on Ianything.  At least that's how I understand it.

So if you're reading this and thinking "Duh - everyone knew that" - well, good for you, and please leave your name and email in comments so I can add you to my list of People Who Know Things About Tech Stuff. I'm posting this in the hopes that some other poor person searching Google to find out why their video on Blogger doesn't show up on Ipad or Iphone can get an answer, since when I searched Google I got nothing actually referring to this issue and no help from the Blogger help section either.

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