Saturday, August 4, 2012

Another MishMash Post

1. OK, hopefully the large cute picture of Arabella made you stop and look!  There's no Arabella in this post specifically, but I thought I would use her to reel you in to read this. 

Anyway, the inspirational blogging topic and composition fairy did not visit today, here's another mishmash post of things I found interesting today.

Found this page on Stumbleupon that has THE strategy for solving a Rubik's cube. Now I need to figure out where I can get my hands on one because I want to try this. (This will be much more emotionally satisfying than my previous method of removing the stickers and replacing them)  Does anyone know if toy stores or Target still sells Rubiks Cubes?

2. Something else I have been working on (you know, besides the actual work that pays the mortgage) is Zulily's Pinterest Kid's Fall Essentials Challenge - they are giving away a $100 credit for the winning board.  If you have kids of your own or any kids that you ever shop for in any capacity you should join Zulily ( - it's a flash sale site for kids' clothes and toys (plus often has clothes and accessories for home and moms).  If you want to set up your own board for the contest, the link to the rules is . If you just want to ooh and ahh over the board I made for Arabella to try to win and comment how great you think it is, it's at

If you decide to make your own boards for the contest, please let me know so I can make sure to check them out!

3. I went to the Los Cerritos Neighborhood Association meeting and it was way more interesting and eventful than I expected, although I don't necessarily want to blog about it!  But I am very excited that there is a plan for a community garden once a good site can be found.  Also, I signed up for a block in our neighborhood to distribute newsletters to, so Arabella and I will get to be mail carriers for a day - she is already super excited about it.  

Bee Movie

Reminder for anyone that lives in Roseville (or just wants to drive out for this) - the next Movie in the Park is "Bee Movie" on Saturday August 11th at:

Fred Festersen Park
2150 Village Green Drive
Roseville, CA 95747

RCONA, the Roseville Coalition of Neighborhoods sponsors these movies in the park that run every other week in the summer time - go to for a full schedule.

We are super excited about this one since they flashed the posters for the upcoming movies at the first movie 2 months ago - Arabella saw the Bee Movie one and got completely stuck on it.  Every day, she told us she wanted to see the Bee Movie, and when we went to see Brave she told us she wanted to see The Bee Movie so now that it is finally upon us, I hope that it lives up to her expectations.  (I still have never seen Bee Movie either even though it's over 10 years old) 

Hope we see you there!