Saturday, August 25, 2012

Arabella's video review of Suessical!

Here's Arabella's take on the performance:

So, the verdict is in - Arabella liked it. And so did her parents! We'll definitely be going again. Here's a link to another grownup's take on it with a much more comprehensive review:

I agree with everything said in the review link above, plus want to mention mom's pick for standout performance was Carli Meyer as Gertrude McFuzz, the bird with a little tail and a big crush on Horton the Elephant; Keith's standout pick is Randle Rankin as Horton.  Those are just highlights - the whole cast from little toddler through adult is entertaining and engaging throughout.

If you wonder why I am promoting this so heavily, it's because:
1. I love having great live local entertainment in Central Roseville
2. I want this group to be around when Arabella is old enough to perform in a few years (if she so chooses)
3. The talent pool in this town is AMAZING

All the details for performance times and location are here at

Jennifer and Jason Bortz run Stand Out Talent at the Tower Theater and are doing an amazing job - 
Go see Suessical, and tell them Arabella sent you!

Did you see Suessical? Please leave us a comment and tell us what you thought. If you haven't seen it and don't plan to see it, then please comment below about why you want to be a Grinch (who was also in this show but we weren't able to find for a photo after).  


  1. Caught the 2 pm show on Sunday the 2nd with my 7 yr old daughter. We were both thoroughly entertained, as always when Stand Out Talent puts on a production. We both thought Sam Bank as the grouchy kangaroo and the girl who played the Cat in the Hat (sorry, don't remember her name...) were phenomenal! Great show.

  2. Thanks for sharing Jerome - glad you guys had a good time too! I think we're going to see Suessical one last time this Sunday for Grandparent's Day with my mom. And we can't wait for Into the Woods next month!