Friday, August 10, 2012

My new Wisemarkit shop!

(Not my shop, but here is a photo of two random Wisemarkit shops that I found on Google Images to illustrate)

OK, I know what you are thinking - what is Wisemarkit?  Well, it's kind of like Pinterest, but you can only pin 10 things in the "showroom" of your store. And if someone clicks through your pin to buy the item you get a commission. Right now, to start a "store" you have to have an invite - I had requested an invite over 2 months ago when I first read about Wisemarkit on FastCompany, but anyone can go in and look around at other people's stores and buy from them.  It's really hard to explain - I recommend just going to the site ( to check it out. To go directly to my shop:

They limit the name of the store to 16 characters - right now my store name is Arabella's Likes which I really Don't Like.  If you can think of something catchier that would make you stop and say "Hmm. This looks like the perfect shop to go in to buy a present for that 3-8 year old girl child I need a birthday present for" please let me know in the comments! Since I was limited to 10 items, I decided to just go with things that Arabella really likes that would be good presents (except I also pinned 2 parenting books that I really love). 

Please stop by my store and let me know what you think of it, the Wisemarkit site in general, questions about how Wisemarkit works (90% sure I won't know the correct answer but I will try).   As always, I live to read your comments!

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  1. Hmm that is kind of a cool idea. You should put some cool boy stuff so I can buy some things from your store and make you some $$- Anonymous Mary ;)