Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This blog is getting a makeover! And we went to the circus!

Hello everyone,

I haven't been posting as frequently lately because I'm having a professional blog designer revamp the site to be more organized and beautiful! So all the time I would usually spend blogging has been spent gathering up inspiration for the new blog design.

Redesigning our blog is Shaina Longstreet, the owner of this lovely blogsite:

Check her site out - I can't wait til this blog is as organized, readable and cute as that!

On a different topic, we went to Circus Vargas on Monday night when they were performing at the Roseville Galleria. 
The circus tent of course

Arabella got her face painted as a tiger.
It was awesome! Arabella's favorite parts were the trapeze and the clown, mine was the chick who could spin about 20 hula hoops at once and move them up and down her body (I still haven't mastered spinning one).  Things that really freaked Arabella out:  The motorcycles in the cage - as you all know, she hates loud noises.  The surprising thing that freaked her out but I thought was super cool was the guy balancing all sorts of huge items on his chin (a bike, a ladder, etc.).  

Circus Vargas moved down to Cal Expo today and I think they are there for about 4 more days before going to Tracy.  Local Roseville mom blogger Eileen at Uncovering Bliss has a 4-pack of tickets to give away - follow this link to her blog if you want to enter:

She also took amazing photos of the performances so you can see all of the acts that are a lot of fun to thumb through.

Ciao for now! 

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  1. Can't wait to see the newly redesigned blog. Maybe you'll inspire me to start mine back up, not that it was really ever started! - mc